Mark Bobbi Strategy Consulting Has Suspended Operations

As of June 15, 2016 

MB (MARK BOBBI) STRATEGY CONSULTING has unparalleled experience in aerospace, defense, and energy equipment finance, operations, engineering/technical, market research, strategic planning and strategic market development, new product development, and aftermarket services. 

The MB Strategy Consulting track record of success includes direct participation in the development and commercial launch of the following products:

Williams FJ44 turbofan engine
Kawasaki M7A industrial gas turbine
Pilatus PC-12 single engine turboprop
Sino Swearingen SJ-30 corporate jet
Kawasaki GPB15X industrial gas turbine generator set
Pratt & Whitney ST30/40 industrial gas turbine

Pratt & Whitney ST5 miniturbine

P&W/GE GP7000

P&W PW6000 turbofan engine
GE/Honda HF120 turbofan engine

MB Strategy has also directly assisted companies in
the following efforts:
  • Development of a strategic alliance between two of the world’s largest diesel engine companies
  • Provided advance warning of 1990/1991 airline industry “crash”
  • Assisted a New York boutique financial institution in a $700 million aerospace private placement
  • Produced accurate predictions of the "boom" in regional jets and new generation entry level jets in the 1990s and beyond
  • Assisted one of the world's largest financial services firms in taking the aerospace unit of a major metals manufacturer private
  • Guided entry into the RR Trent maintenance market of one of the world's largest independent engine component overhaul firms
  • Assisted world leading aircraft company in development of a new super mid-sized bizjet
  • Developed the aircraft engine market entry strategy for one of Japan's largest auto makers
  • Developed small gas turbine (non microturbine) market entry strategy for a new start-up firm
  • Provided strategic business planning guidance to operating units of Pratt & Whitney and Pratt & Whitney Canada including assistance in launching PW6000, PW600 and GP7200 engines
  • Developed detailed competitive assessment of the BIG 3 aircraft engine and Big 6 industrial gas turbine firms including Solar, GE, Alsthom, and Siemens/Westinghouse
  • Developed a comprehensive market and business development strategy for Pratt & Whitney’s industrial turbine operation resulting in launch of ST30/40 and ST5 turbines
  • Developed a comprehensive market and business development strategy for a Kawasaki Gas Turbine Americas including helping close the first commercial order for the world’s most advanced gas turbine low emission combustion system
  • Assisted execution of joint marketing agreement between Kawasaki and Cummins for industrial gas turbines
  • As State certified expert witness, in 1990 helped a CA company win $78 million jury award against the world's largest aircraft engine company
  • Developed comprehensive growth strategy for a major producer of helicopter rotor head systems
  • Developed models of the world markets for weapon system fuzing, gas turbine precision sheet metal components, aerospace composite materials, helicopter aftermarket, helicopter rotor and power transmission systems, aircraft engine PMA and industrial gas turbine 3rd party parts
  • Developed the world's only comprehensive gas turbine/jet engine database

We Pick Winners

Over the past four decades, MB Strategy has accurately predicted the long-term competitive landscape in aerospace and defense to include:
  • GE victory in the “Great Engine War”
  • GE ascendance to the number one position in large commercial jet engines
  • RR ascendance to the number two position in aircraft jet propulsion behind GE and ahead of P&W
  • Lockheed and P&W victories in the ATF competition (F-22 Raptor)
  • Boeing/Sikorsky victory in the LHX competition (RAH-66 Comanche)
  • 1990s regional jet boom and post 2001 resurgence of regional turboprops
  • Record growth in sales and delivery of business jet aircraft including new high-speed aircraft, and new generation entry-level jets
  • Congressional salvation of the Bell/Boeing V-22 and eventual production
  • Procurement of a many more than 120 C-17s
  • Rapid incorporation of aero engine technology in all classes of industrial gas turbines
  • Massive growth in sales of base load combined cycle and simple cycle peaking gas turbines and subsequent market “bust"
  • Certification and development problems in the Eclipse business jet program
  • Over-hype and subsequent collapse of the emerging microturbine market



Past and Present

  • Aerospace Component Manufacturers of Connecticut
  • Aero Gear Inc.
  • Alcoa Howmet Castings
  • Allied Aerospace
  • Allison Division of General Motors Corp.
  • Alpha Q Inc.
  • Ancora Capital Management
  • Bauer Aerospace
  • Birken Manufacturing
  • BodyCote
  • Candent Technologies Inc.
  • Canadair (Bombardier)
  • Carrier Corporation
  • Chromalloy
  • Colonial Spring
  • Connecticut Tool & Manufacturing Co.
  • Coopesa RL
  • Credit Suisse
  • Cummins Inc.
  • de Havilland of Canada Ltd. (Bombardier)
  • Documental Solutions LLC
  • Delta Industries
  • Doncasters Ltd.
  • Enginetics Aerospace
  • SPX Precision Products (Fenn)
  • First Bank of New York
  • First Boston Company
  • Fortfield Associates
  • Freighter Solutions
  • GE Aircraft Engines
  • GE Capital
  • Government of Canada (DRIE and DND)
  • GT Law
  • Harvey, Siskind, and Jacobs Attorneys-at-Law
  • Honda Motor Co., R&D
  • Kaman Aerospace Corporation
  • Kaman Aerostructures Group
  • Kaman Precision Products
  • Kaman Helicopter Services Group
  • Kaman OEM Helicopter Business
  • Kawasaki Gas Turbine - Americas
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Kohlberg & Co.
  • Merrill Lynch Securities
  • MTU Aero Engines North America
  • Pratt & Whitney 
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Industrial Engine Division
  • Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
  • Raytheon
  • Robert Bosch
  • San Juan Center Sports LLC
  • Smith Aerospace, Valley Manufacturing (GE)
  • STG Group
  • Sterling Engineering
  • Swearingen Aircraft Company
  • Whitcraft LLC
  • Williams International

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